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Invacom, one of the market leaders in satellite reception equipment, is renewing its range of optical products with a set of equipment that will replace the current optical LNBs. Peruvision, thanks to its long-term collaboration with Invacom, will offer these new equipments to all those interested. As a result, in the following we will present you in turn, the new equipment.

The first equipment is the new broadband LNB called FibreIRS. This is no longer an optical LNB, even if we are talking about optical equipment, but a more special LNB, with RF outputs. When we say more specifically, we mean that it has 2 broadband outputs with fixed polarities: one port for vertical polarity and one for horizontal polarity. The LNB can be powered through any of the outputs, with low power consumption (max. 125 mA). The RF frequency range at the input is from 10.70 GHz to 12.75 GHz, at the output being between 290 MHz and 2340 MHz. The local oscillator has a frequency of 10.41 GHz.

The second equipment is FibreIRS Otx. This equipment is compatible with all equipment in the current FibreIRS range and is designed for future compatibility. Together with the LNB presented above, it replaces the functionality of the optical LNB. This equipment is available with 1310nm or 1550nm output wavelengths. FibreIRS OTx offers 3 RF inputs, two satellite inputs, one for vertical and horizontal polarity, which allow the reception of frequencies between 290 MHz and 2340 MHz, but also a terrestrial input that allows the reception of frequencies between 88 MHz and 694 MHz. A fourth F connector is used to power the equipment. This unit offers an optical output power of + 7dBm through the FC / UPC connector and allows installation on both the wall and a pipe.

The two devices presented above replace the current optical LNBs, offering higher performance instead. Of course, after this equipment we can still come either with optical converters like FibreIRS QUAD or QUATTRO GTU, or with optical splitters. If we use optical splitters and we want to offer the signal in several locations, Invacom offers us another new equipment: FibreIRS O2O. This equipment is an optical-to-optical converter, which like OTx is fully compatible with all current (final) FibreIRS end equipment, and is also designed for future compatibility. It replaces the O2E and ODU32 functionality in a single compact unit. It supports wavelengths between 1100 nm and 1650 nm at the input through the FC / PC connector, an optical power at input between -12dBm and -3dBm, and at the output, through two FC / PC connectors, an optical power of + 7dBm. Like FibreIRS OTx, this equipment also has an F connector for power supply with a low power consumption of 150 mA.

These equipments will be available in the coming months, and for those interested, Peruvision is at their disposal with more information about these products but also about many other products in the field.

Further details can be obtained by phone at 0256211692, by email at the addresses or or directly at the Peruvision store in Timisoara.


Product Manager,

Jurcuţ Nicolae

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