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At a time when all manufacturers are having problems with the supply of chipsets, some of them have the power to launch new products. One such product is the one offered by Peruvision, namely AB PULSe 4K.

As its name suggests, AB PULSe 4K is a UHD resolution receiver and ENIGMA 2 operating system. Nowadays a beautiful 4K resolution image is a natural issue, as are the HDR / HDR10 and HLG image standards. which this receiver provides. AB PULSe 4K comes equipped with a quad-core processor with 15,000 DMIPS, 8 GB FLASH memory and 2 GB DDR4 RAM to provide high performance. The receiver also comes equipped with a built-in DVB-S / S2 / S2X tuner and a slot for a second tuner, either DVB-S2X "Plug & Play" satellite tuner or a DVB-C / T2 (terrestrial / cable) tuner. So it is ready to receive satellite, terrestrial or cable broadcasts from various operators.

With an elegant design, the receiver blends harmoniously with other elements of a room. However, this design does not compromise on other functionalities, so we have a 7-segment LED display on the front panel. Also on the front panel we have a touch on / off button and a door that hides a card reader, two CI (Common Interface) slots, a USB connector and a microSD card slot, which together with a card you can use as internal storage for records and more. In addition to using the microSD card for internal storage, you can easily connect a 2.5 ”HDD or SSD to the special slot on the back panel. Adding this HDD or SSD does not require opening the receiver. Also on the back panel is a built-in DVB-S2X satellite tuner and a slot for a second "Plug & Play" tuner that can be equipped with DVB-S2X or a DVB-C / T2 (terrestrial / cable) tuner on request. . Next on the back panel you will find an S / PDIF optical digital audio output, another USB connector, an RJ45 ethernet connector for internet connection, if you want you can connect a WIFI stick for WIFI connection. In the back we also find a connector for the IR sensor of the remote control (included), for the situation in which you want to hide the receiver. And of course the HDMI connector, power switch and DC 12V-3A external power plug are not missing from the back panel.

In addition to the premium remote control with an ergonomic design and buttons, the AB PULSe 4K handset can be controlled via your mobile phone or tablet. .Do you need to record your favorite movie or TV show? With a mobile phone and the AB PULSe 4K receiver, you do it in a few clicks. All recordings will be stored on the AB PULSe 4K and you can view them on your mobile phone or tablet whenever need them.

PULSe 4K gives you a beautiful 4K image with the popular Enigma 2 operating system, which you will probably know from other HIGH-END class receivers. Don't forget to take advantage of the possibilities that this plugin operating system offers you for a better viewing experience. Customize the interface and functions of the receiver to suit your preferences, and watching TV will take on a whole new dimension.

A great advantage of this receiver is the simultaneous decoding by two CI modules or the decoding of two programs by a real-time CI module (dual decrypt module). This is a great feature when watching a live broadcast and at the same time recording another program.

Another interesting feature is the ability to stream real-time TV on two mobile devices (example: two mobile phones) or on a computer (via the web interface) and a TV (HDMI).

If you are looking for an Enigma 2 receiver with 4K imaging, two tuners, HDD / SSD or microSD storage and more, this receiver will not disappoint you. And in addition to all the above, PULSe 4K has a very good value for money.

Peruvision offers you a diverse range of satellite and digital terrestrial antennas, digital satellite, cable or terrestrial receivers, spectral analyzers and CATV stations. For more information please contact us at the telephone numbers: 0256-211692 / 0356-438791 / 0741-084734 or at the email address info@peruvision.ro.

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