How do I order?

On the home page (main) the customer has the possibility to check the product catalog offered by Peruvision either by "Product categories", or by the "Search products" function, or by accessing the "Products" page. At the same time, some of the products are presented on the home page.

Click on the category or, as the case may be, on the subcategory that interests you and the catalog with the producers / products in that category will open. In the respective category or subcategory the customer has the possibility to filter or select the desired product.

From the product category, choose with one click the picture of the desired product, as the following will display its main characteristics. If this is the product you want, click the "Add to Cart" button (the blue one). If you want a quantity other than a piece, you can change the quantity field to the left of the "Add to cart" field with the desired quantity. Some products have additional accessories that can be added to the cart directly from the product page. These accessories can also be found on the product page, in the accessories section, and there you also have the option to check the desired accessories, after which to purchase the product with those accessories click on the "Add to cart" button next to the accessories (gray). After clicking the "Add to cart" button, the product will appear in the cart at the top right of the page.

To proceed to the next step, select (click) on either the shopping cart from the top right in case a sidebar appears with the products from the cart, and then you can quickly remove products from the cart or click on "see cart" ”, Or it can be given directly by clicking on“ see the basket ”on the blue bar.

In the shopping cart you will see the unit price, the price per quantity and the final price without or with transport. Here you can remove certain products from the cart by clicking on the x next to each product. Here you can also change the desired quantity by adding a value in the "Quantity" field. After any change, click on the "Update basket" button, at which point you will see the changes made in the basket. On this page you can also enter a voucher or simulate the cost of transport. If we have finished the change (if necessary) on the shopping cart page, click on the "Continue with the completion of the order" button, to move on to the next step.

On the "Order Completion" page, you must enter your billing and delivery dates. Here we also have the possibility to add the voucher. If we want we can create a customer account or if we have an account to log in to our account. If the delivery details have been entered correctly, then the shipping cost will also appear. After which the customer can opt for the payment method, either in cash or by bank card. Customers who wish to pick up the physical product from the store are asked to contact us by phone or email before placing an order.

After completing all the fields required for the order, press the blue button PLACE THE ORDER.

Delivery details

Delivery in Romania is made directly from our office in Timisoara or by courier: FAN COURIER or SAMEDAY (including EASYBOX). For deliveries outside the country, please contact us. Deliveries outside the country are made after confirmation of full payment of the order and delivery fees. For products with a value of less than 50 lei or satellite antennas that are not ordered from the website and paid for by card, the transport and the value of the product must be paid in advance with a payment order or with the card, after confirmation of the payment order or payment with the card (payment required in advance by phone or email) the product or products are sent. In the case of satellite antennas, with the exception of those that have a box for transport, those under 1.3m, except for the 1.5m Gibertini antennas and they are listed as deliverable by courier, we also need a confirmation that you assume the risk of transport by courier. We recommend special transport or personal pickup. Equipment from stock that is delivered by courier and is included in volume transport (eg: large antennas in a box) may have a delivery term of several days, the delivery depends on the courier!

Orders placed on Fridays after 2:30 p.m. or on weekends will be delivered on the following working days!

Orders placed on a working day, before national holidays, and after 14:30 or on national holidays, will be delivered on the following working days!

Voucher details

The voucher is valid only once for a single purchase or a single product, depending on the campaign. Once it has been used or has expired, it expires.

Custom product details

For products that are not in stock, the customer can contact us to obtain a price (if applicable), a delivery term and payment methods. However, Peruvision cannot guarantee a price and a delivery time for products that have the status of order on the website. If this product can be brought, at what price and what is the delivery term will depend on the answer received from the manufacturer. Until the customer has not paid the advance for an order (minimum 30%), but not before receiving from Peruvision a payment proforma for the order advance, the order is not valid. For products that have a low value and do not require payment of the 30% advance, the price and delivery term will be communicated after we receive a response from the manufacturer, and the price may differ from the one displayed at the time the order was placed.

Value cards (like Focussat) are delivered only after full payment of the order, so refund orders are not valid and therefore will not be delivered!

Return goods details

The return costs and costs of associated services already performed at the time of delivery and payment of the order, respectively delivery costs, refund, bank fees and online payment will be borne by the customer, and the refund of the product will be made within 14 days on the date of receipt of the goods.

For the telephone order you can call with confidence to any of the telephone numbers below, from Monday - Friday between 9:00 - 17:00

Timisoara 0256-211692 / 0356-438791

To the price of the products delivered by courier are added the shipping costs.