Terms and conditions


By launching an order (electronic or telephone) through the online store www.peruvision.ro, the buyer agrees with the communication policies through which the seller carries out its operations (electronic or telephone).

A launched order consists of:

- products or services found in the offer of the online store mentioned above;

- clear information regarding the invoicing, delivery data as well as other necessary information / observations;

- buyer's information for invoicing.

Placing an order (electronic or telephone) does not imply confirmation of the order. The complete steps are as follows:

– Register an order: a unique number will be automatically generated for it;

– taking an order from a sales agent, within the working hours displayed on the Contact page (schedule) on the site;

order invoicing represents the issuance of the invoice related to the goods according to the information provided by the client;

– order completion represents its delivery and is made after the confirmation of delivery of the order to the buyer, either physically in the store, or through supporting documents provided by the courier company.

The messages sent automatically by the system do not confirm the existence of the product in stock nor the conclusion of the Sale-Purchase contract.

The orders are taken/registered and only after confirming the availability of the product in stock, the orders are accepted and honored.

The products from the offer of the online store www.peruvision.ro can be sold only on the basis of an order. The order will be processed according to the steps mentioned above during the working hours 8:30 -17: 00. An unconfirmed order does not require a reservation of the products. Orders will be honored in the chronological order in which they were recorded in the database. An order that contains products displayed on the site with the following status: IN STOCK OR ASK FOR STOCK cannot be honored if another order was registered on the same product before it from a chronological point of view and subsequently confirmed, so the stock is exhausted .

  • Peruvision may grant discount vouchers, respectively discount coupons to customers based on the number of orders placed, seniority as a customer, any reviews of the site and products through comments placed, etc. 
  • The vouchers will be applied in case of selling certain products at a certain moment, depending on the offers presented on the site.
  • The discount voucher can be given as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the price and can have a limited duration.
  • The discount granted by voucher applies to the prices charged on the site or under the conditions established for different campaigns.
  • In order to deliver the voucher codes from an order, it is necessary to confirm it.
  • Each order can only contain 1 discount voucher. This requires confirmation for the voucher used. In the absence of confirmation, the order will be canceled automatically.
  • The voucher can be used for orders placed online on the site  www.peruvision.ro or by email and only for certain products that are marked on the website or when placing an order.

A customer can receive a one-time discount voucher for a placed order.

Any attempt to repeatedly use / apply a voucher in an order or the actual use / repeated application of a discount voucher in an order constitutes an attempt to defraud the seller's online order system, therefore the order may be canceled by Peruvision.

Thus, a discount voucher can be used / applied only once in an order.

The payment

Peruvision offers the following payment methods:

  • payment by card or cash in the showroom in Timisoara,
  • payment by card through the online store www.peruvision.ro,
  • cash on delivery to the courier who brings the customer's order.

Payment by card in the showroom in Timisoara, is made through the POS in the location.

Payment by card on the online store www.peruvision.ro is made in advance, online, with a bank card (Visa and MasterCard). To complete and validate the payment, the Customer will be directed to a separate, secure page for making the payment. The transaction will be processed by Netopia www.netopia-payments.com ("Payment Processor"). The Payment Processor has the obligation to ensure a level of security in accordance with the standards imposed by the legislation in force and uses the 3D Secure transaction environment.

Also, the Payment Processor is a Visa and MasterCard certified company and guarantees the confidentiality of the data entered by transmitting them in an encrypted environment. To find out more details, we invite you to access https://netopia-payments.com/politica-de-confidentialitate/

Cash on delivery to the courier is made in cash when the buyer receives the product from the courier.

Delivery of orders

Orders for products that are in stock will be delivered either physically in the showroom in Timisoara, or through the courier with which the seller works, to the delivery address specified by the customer. If the delivery address or contact details are not sent correctly by the customer, Peruvision cannot be held responsible for the delay or non-delivery of the order. The transmission of the correct delivery and invoicing data is the customer's responsibility.

Also, if the customer is contacted by phone or email several times and on several consecutive days, before the goods are delivered, and the customer does not respond, Peruvision may delay the delivery of the order or even cancel it.

For orders that are not in stock, the term and delivery date will be established by mutual agreement with the customer, within the limits of the possibilities according to a notification sent to the customer and approved by him.

The cost of delivery will be communicated before delivery of the goods to the customer.

NOTE: Delays may occur due to: depletion of stock in the store, internal technical problems or external factors. Delivery time can vary from 24 hours to a maximum of 30 days.

Deliveries by courier are made in the shortest possible time after being informed that the package has been dispatched. The package comes with an AWB and the data of the courier company through which the order is delivered. The Peruvision company cannot be held responsible for possible delays or misunderstandings between the courier and the recipient. If you encounter any problems, please contact us.


The products sold and delivered by PERUVISION benefit from the guarantee according to the legislation in force and the commercial policies of the producers.

Through the commercial guarantee you have at your disposal free repair services from the seller or the manufacturer based on the warranty certificate issued.

The customer has the obligation to notify Peruvision, before sending a product under warranty.

The customer has the obligation to send the product under warranty by FAN COURIER or SAMEDAY!

Guarantee of conformity

The guarantee of conformity is the guarantee offered by the seller, according to the legislation in force. It is a period of time between 6 months and 2 years through which the seller guarantees that the product sold complies with the specifications that it has committed to sell.

The time period established for repairing the repair is a maximum of 15 calendar days from the date on which the buyer informed the seller of the lack of conformity of the product.

In accordance with OG21 / 1992 the seller is obliged to provide the consumer: warranty certificate (only for durable products), instruction manual / use / installation.

Return Merchandise

The buyer has the right to return a product, within 14 calendar days from the day he enters the physical possession of the product, without invoking any reason and without bearing other costs than delivery, according to GEO no. 34/2014.

To return the product, you must inform us by e-mail at info@peruvision.ro or by filling out the form on the page: "Return Policy" (https://peruvision.ro/politica-de-retur/).

Send the products or hand them directly to us, at our headquarters in Timisoara, Str. ORAVITA Nr 2 / D, Jud. Timis, Tel. 0256-211692 or 0356-438791, without unjustified delays and, in any case, within a maximum of 14 days from the date on which you notified us of the withdrawal, and we will return your money within a maximum of 14 days of receiving the product.

The return of the products can be done through any courier company. Parcels cannot be sent by Romanian Post! Return costs are borne by the customer.

The sender is responsible for the correctness of the data entered on the transport document (AWB), as well as for the correct packaging and labeling of the packages.

Peruvision cannot be blamed for the problems arising from the transport from the customer to Peruvision.

Peruvision assumes the right to refuse the package if it shows signs of damage.

Returns will not be refunded by courier.

The return of the amounts paid will be made later by bank transfer.

If you do not opt for bank transfer, the amount will be refunded by Fan Courier, but the shipping costs will be borne by the customer. Money is not returned by Romanian Post!

Returned products must be in the same condition in which they were received by the buyer. That is, to be accompanied by the original warranty certificate and all documents and accessories with which the product was delivered. Products that have undergone unauthorized interventions, those that show signs of wear, scratches, bumps, mechanical / electrical shocks, products that lack accessories, products with broken seals or labels, products with modified software or hardware are not accepted.

For products purchased on the EMAG platform, please use the "Product return form" which can be accessed from your account in the EMAG platform, in the "My returns" section, by clicking on "Add new return request".

WEEE information

1. Waste electrical and electronic equipment (hereinafter referred to as WEEE), is the electrical and electronic equipment that constitutes waste within the meaning of point 9 of Annex no. 1 of Law no. 211/2011 on the waste regime, republished, including components, subassemblies and consumables that are an integral part of the product when it becomes waste. WEEE may contain hazardous substances that have a negative impact on the environment and human health if not collected separately.

Considering the provisions of GEO 195/2005 on environmental protection, Law no. 211/2011 on waste regime, GD no. 322/2013 on restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment and GEO 5/2015 on equipment waste electrical and electronic, customers will consider the following:

1.1. Buyers have the obligation not to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) as unsorted municipal waste and to collect this WEEE separately.

1.2. The collection of these WEEE will be carried out through the public WEEE collection service, directly by SC PERUVISION SRL (according to points 1.3 and 1.4) and through collection centers organized by economic operators authorized for the collection of WEEE.

1.3. When supplying a new product, at the buyer's request, distributors are obliged to take WEEE in a "one to one" system, free of charge, under the same conditions as the delivery of the new product, if the equipment is of an equivalent type and has performed the same functions that the new equipment provided and to inform the buyer about this possibility before purchasing the product.

1.4. SC PERUVISION SRL ensures the collection, during working hours, from end users, free of charge, without their obligation to buy electrical or electronic equipment (hereinafter referred to as EEE) of an equivalent type, of very small WEEE within all SC PERUVISION SRL stores. According to GEO no. 5/2015, Annex 5, letter f), WEEE of very small sizes is the waste of electrical and electronic equipment where no external dimension is greater than 25 cm.

1.5. The symbol that indicates that electrical and electronic equipment is subject to separate collection is a wheelie bin marked with a cross accompanied by a black marking.

1.6. This icon indicates that WEEE should not be mixed with household waste and that it should be collected separately.

1.7 The information refers to online commerce. For products sold directly in stores, the method of waste collection is displayed in each location.

1.8 For additional information please contact us.