The model we want to present to you in the following is the Golden Interstar HD FTA S2 Plus which is part of the "entry level" category. Golden Interstar HD FTA S2 Plus is intended for the public that has a low budget, but wants to receive Romanian channels but especially foreign programs broadcast freely on satellite.

This receiver is the successor to the Golden Interstar FTA, Golden Interstar FTA S, Golden Interstar FTA PLUS and Golden Interstar FTA S2 receivers. Offering almost all the features of previous models but also improving certain aspects, such as replacing the internal source with an external source, easier to replace in case of a problem (eg network overload), they become a standard in the field.

The Golden Interstar HD FTA S2 Plus receiver has a 7-segment LED display on the front panel, a large power button to turn the receiver on and off, along with six more buttons, two of which are used to switch from one channel to another ( up / down) and two others used for louder or slower volume (up / down). And the other two are a menu button and a confirmation button (OK). Therefore, this receiver can be used without problems and without a remote control. Also on the front panel we find the remote control sensor. On the back panel we find in addition to the RF signal input for satellite, a connector for HDMI output, an optical digital audio output for quality sound, a USB input, a SCART output for TVs with analog A / V input (CRT) then we have the input for the external source and last but not least we have the RJ45 connector for the internet connection. As you can see even if the size of this equipment is constantly decreasing (about 70% compared to the previous model FTA S2), this receiver does not discount the connections, display and buttons, which we can only enjoy.

Golden Interstar HD FTA S2 PLUS is compatible with Ku, C band LNBs and Unicable LNBs. The receiver of course recognizes the DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1 protocol and allows the use of a mobile antenna using the USALS or DiSEqC 1.2 protocols.

The scanning part of the satellite programs is simple and fast, the receiver being able to search for free programs (FTA) automatically but also manually with the NIT function turned on or off, we also have the possibility to select only one polarity for searching programs. The most complete of the scans, blind scan, is also present, helping to identify programs about which not much is known.

A welcome feature is multimedia, which allows you to view pictures, movies, or audio files from an external storage device. Here we also have the IPTV part where if we have accounts on certain portals you can enter your username and password to access the content via internet in IPTV. And of course the menu is in Romanian.

Like all other Golden Media receivers sold in the European Union, the Golden Interstar HD FTA S2 Plus set top boxes are in line with the latest energy saving guidelines, with a standby power consumption of less than 0.5W .

In conclusion, Golden Interstar HD FTA S2 PLUS is a robust product that continues the trend by which Golden Media offers "entry level" receivers at the best value for money, being the receiver that offers exactly the functions and connectivity necessary for a FTA receiver.

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Product Manager,

Jurcuţ Nicolae


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